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About Ellen Hutson, LLC

Ellen Hutson, LLC is always looking to provide our customers with quality products, excellent customer service, and education and inspiration for each of the products we carry.

Ellen Hutson is the owner and founder of this company. Art has been a love of Ellen’s from a very early age. Since 2002, stamping, card making, scrapping and paper crafting have been her passion. At an early age Ellen began expressing herself artistically; enjoying art, photography and design classes throughout high school and college. Graduating from college with Bachelors of Arts and Science, after studying interior design and education, she began pursuing her dreams.  The training and experience she received as an interior designer and teacher have greatly influenced her work in the paper arts - the design elements she learned in college have been key influences as she has switched from one art form to the next. She loves to experiment with different products, media and techniques, using rubber stamps to create cards, mini-scrapbooks, home decor and art pieces. 


Ellen’s passion for sharing creativity with others led to this web-store. She wants to not only provide others who are looking to express their creativity with the latest, quality products that she has fallen in love with, but with the education and inspiration to use those products. She wants to share her resources and creativity with others!


Erica is now the primary voice behind the telephone conversations you may have with us. We are committed to having a voice, and not a system, answer each of the calls you make to Ellen Hutson LLC. Erica is a joy to have here at work and has quickly learned the product line. The patience, laughter and kindness she shares with our customers is so very appreciated! Not only does she answer the phone calls, but she also helps with many of the bookkeeping/computer tasks we have. It is fun to see that Erica's daughter has also developed a passion for paper crafting as she gets surrounded by the "art talk" here at work - yes, a new addict :-D. The commitment and passion for excellence that Erica shows each and every day is so valued!


Julia is our graphic whiz. Her soft-spoken kindness, along with her passion for graphic design is a wonderful addition to the women who work here. As you see the changes happening here on our website you can picture Julia working away on the computer, bringing a sense of "togetherness" to our store pages and imaging. Not only does she help with the computers, but she has quickly learned the product line, answering the phone, and helping ship and receive products. It's a good thing we don't have to physically change "hats" with each change in task, because Julia would need a large variety to select from - LOL! We are so thrilled that she walked through our door when we were looking for help!



Carina has been with us the longest - in fact she has been with us since the “garage days”! It was many years ago now that Carina attended card making classes that Ellen had in her home. Her generous and kind heart are so very endearing, and her passion for cooking makes us all salivate each day when she warms her lunch - LOL! Without Carina I’m not certain who would keep this place neat, clean and thoroughly organized. She is amazing!!! Not only does she package, ship and receive in orders, but she keeps it all “picked up!” We are grateful that she is a part of Ellen Hutson LLC!


Shirley always wears a smile on her face! Her genuine kindness, amazing work ethic and continued support are so very appreciated! Shirley helps package and ship the boxes each and every day. The tasks that can at times be redundant are always done cheerfully and with care. As with all of our employees she wears numerous hats and has to be able to change pace at a moment’s notice. What is the task that needs to be taken care of first in order to get it all done? Are you available for those last minute sales? Can you work a few extra hours? The graciousness that encompasses Shirley are treasured! And guess what - Shirley has just started making cards after a full year+ of touching these supplies on a constant basis - LOL! Congratulations and welcome to our addiction Shirley!


Last, but certainly not least is Ellen's family. When her family is not at home Jasper loves to come to work and greet our guests with tail wags and kisses. Maddi joins us each summer to "fill-in" when our regular employees need time off. Trina has become an expert "ribbon roller" and together with J.J. they help make certain that we have enough thank you's to share with each of you, our wonderful customers! And yes, J.J. even helps take out the garbage here at work - LOL!


Warm laughter, soft music and beautiful smiles – what a fabulous group of women work behind the scenes here at Ellen Hutson LLC. We share such a common perspective on life each and every day. The juggling of family and work, the sharing of recipes and stories of our evenings and weekends, the laughter and support – it is part of our lives here at Ellen Hutson LLC.


We thank YOU for supporting us with your purchases and appreciate you so very much! Teaching, sharing creativity and inspiring that vision within others is our privilege. The pleasure of being a part of your lives as you seek to find a respite from the stress of everyday living, as you create something that brings others and yourself joy, is truly rewarding. Your messages of kindness and support do not go unheard. Thank you for making us a part of your lives!


You can contact us by phone at (425)427-2745 between the hours of 8:30am-3:00pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday or any time via email at We will do our best to get back to you promptly.


Thank you for your interest and support of Ellen Hutson, LLC.



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