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You'll be able to clean all your stamps using one of the cleaners or tools we stock here at Ellen Hutson. Water-based, permanent, pigment and solvent inks can be cleaned with these products that are safe for use on red rubber and clear photopolymer stamps.

Tip: Remember that clean is not always stain-free. Certain types of ink will stain the rubber or photopolymer, but this will not affect the stamping quality of your stamp

There isn't a right or wrong to selecting a stamp cleaner - individual stampers seem to have their own preferred method. We have tried all the cleaners we carry and always check the manufacturer's information for any special cleaning instructions before use. We have found that if you don't clean your stamps after a stamping session you may find that ink gets transferred to your next project, creating muddy colors or details get lost in your stamp design as they get clogged with ink. Shop our cleaners with confidence that your stamps will be clean after proper use!