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Gift Guide

holidaygiftguide2019.jpgWhat should you get for all the beloved but quirky, picky, fancy, practical - creative people in your life this holiday season? We've curated the best items to help guide you along the way! If you can't find something exciting in our guide you can still cue feelings of intense joy - give a gift certificate and you will see your someone special get super excited!

Gift-giving is a love language and one that anyone can learn to speak. This guide will help you develop your "creative fluency" and will enable you to check everyone off your list. Use the subcategories on the left to help you narrow down your choices and remember to give the gift of time along with it. There is nothing like time spent with a loved one doing something creative! Make felt ornaments on Christmas Eve with your children or grandchildren, learn to watercolor as you sit around the table and laugh at your first attempts, work together on creating a unique shaker card to give to someone in nursing care or who is recovering in the hospital - there are so many ways we can connect and share our love when we give creative gifts!

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