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Meet The Ellen Hutson Design Team - Emily Midgett

Meet Emily Midgett
Emily Midgett
Emily loves crafting because...

Crafting is my therapy. Refereeing my five year old twins can sometimes (and by sometimes, I mean most of the time) be quite stressful, so crafting, and more specifically, coloring, is my method to breathe and reboot. Also, I think that this hobby has an element of magic to it. Taking paper and ink and stamps and creating something with those minimal (ha!) supplies is simply enchanting. Watching a flower come to life with my watercolors is purely fascinating. And don't get me started on the embossing powder...! I Recently, crafting has become my "job," my way of contributing to my family, and I absolutely love that I can contribute in a way that also allows my creativity to flourish!

Emily finds inspiration...

Everywhere. My daughter's clothes. A magazine cover. My bedspread. I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. (Seriously, what did we do before the advent of Pinterest??) Clothing is an excellent resource for florals, simply because the patterns and colors can be so fun and unique. Mood boards are also a great place to get the ball rolling. I also get a lot of inspiration from Design Seeds, because I love finding fun and unique color combinations. Finding that perfect color scheme is SO important to my design process.

Emily's favorite products

I am a sucker for all things peony, but these stamps and their sheer size make them a joy to color in all mediums. They are detailed, but not too detailed, and the variety of sizes make creating a big, fluffy, beautiful peony bouquet easy as pie.

For a quick and easy way to get a simple, but beautifully textured background, look no further than this gorgeous cover plate die. I use it for all sorts of styles of card, and it make a great background for a watercolored bouquet.

These brushes provide the smoothest blend I’ve ever achieved, and with minimal effort. They are a true game changer.

Easily my favorite coloring medium. The massive variety of colors combined with the stunning vibrance or equally stunning subtlety make these watercolors a staple in my craft room.

I use my Silver Black Velvet brushes more than any other watercolor brush. It gradually releases water, instead of gushing out all at once, which creates a level of control that allows more precise watercoloring, and maintains a nice crisp point on the end, allowing for fine detail work.

My favorite watercolor paper for a variety of mediums. It allows the color to be easily manipulated and multiple layers to be added without having to worry about disintegrating or pilling.

I love this ink for all of my no-line coloring. I use it for no-line watercolor, Copics, and colored pencils. Definitely a staple on my craft desk.

I have found that Altenew inks are my absolute favorite inks to work with. The line features a vibrant variety of colors, and can be used for both crisp, multi-layered stamping as well as beautiful ink blending.

Adding dimension to my card front is one of my favorite ways of adding texture and interest. Foam tape is one of my most-used products. Plus, shaker cards. Who doesn’t love a good shaker card, right?

Look what Emily made
Essentials by Ellen Mondo Sakura Card by Emily Midgett


See more of Emily's beautiful creations & coloring on her blog, Sixth Street Sundries and look for more of her fantastic cards on the Ellen Hutson blog & YouTube channel!