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Meet The Ellen Hutson Design Team - Julie Ebersole

Julie Ebersole
Julie loves crafting because...

My parents are creative people—my mother is an excellent seamstress, studied tole painting and calligraphy and my dad ties amazing fishing flies. I grew up watching the joy and satisfaction their creative pursuits gave them and it rubbed off onto me. I explored a variety of different crafts, but when my cousin introduced me to rubber stamping over 25 years ago, it kinda stole my heart because it was so “instant gratification” and ruined me for other crafts. LOL!

I find inspiration literally everywhere—of course, from other card makers, but also clothing catalogs/home decorating magazines, shop window displays, art/paintings, and even lyrics in a song I like!

This baby is a work-horse with its powerful motor and even pressure! Cuts beautifully through intricate dies and not having to manually turn a crank alleviates the tendinitis in my hand/arm.

Letterpress is my favorite form of stationery and this machine foils and letterpresses like a dream—beautiful, consistent results!

Watercolor is my favorite coloring medium and thanks to the Peerless format, these are quick and easy to work with. The color range is lovely and rich, and with a water brush, I can easily travel with them!

This positioning tool has saved more projects than I care to count—I own it in both the mini and standard size and use them every time I stamp.

This is my “go-to” black ink because it’s a deep black, stamps crisply, is bleed proof when dry and can be heat embossed if desired.

I rely on these constantly for gripping/handling small embellishments and die cuts.

Sometimes all you need is some quick, colorful sparkle to finish off a card!

Attractive AND utilitarian? Yes, please! I use these tapes to accent my cards, attach layers, seal envelopes… It’s repositionable so you can’t go wrong!

Bond things together when wet and you have a nice strong bond. Allow it to dry on the surface, and it becomes a tacky/repositionable adhesive. Works great for gluing die cuts down or stacking them together, spot foiling, making removable paper masks, applying loose glitter and more.

Look what Julie made...
Essentials by Ellen Latte Love card by Julie Ebersole
Essentials by Ellen Latte Love card by Julie Ebersole


See more of Julie's adorable creations on her blog, Julie Ebersole, and look for more of her awesome cards on the Ellen Hutson blog & YouTube channel!