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Meet The Ellen Hutson Design Team - Justine Hovey

Meet Justine
Justine Hovey
Justine loves crafting because...

I love crafting because it gives me a chance to focus on one thing and shut the rest of the world out. It gives me a chance to combine being creative and teaching through my YouTube channel which are my two favourite passions. I really started crafting when I moved abroad and it was a way to fill my time, connect with a community back home and express myself.

I find inspiration in stamp sets. When I pick up a stamp set and look at the particular stamp I want to use, it usually pops into my head which technique is best to show off that stamp. I also find inspiration through watching technique videos.

Catherine’s inks are so vibrant and give you full coverage every time you stamp. They are truly revolutionary! Be sure to grab refills though as they need to be refilled more often than felt pads. Why? Because you actually get ink on your stamp when you push down. No more slamming that ink pad into your stamp!

Let’s face it, I get ink everywhere, especially on my fingertips. My inky fingers eventually touch card I just spent an hour on and a big old fingerprint is now permanently embedded on my card. This tool take it all away (or at least enough to not notice).

I’ve been on the hunt for an adhesive for a long time. I’m a huge fan of Tombow Mono Liquid Adhesive as well, but this glue bottle has a finer tip and an easy to squeeze bottle.

This tool changed everything! I have saved so much paper because I’m able to stamp and re-stamp every time I don’t ink up properly. In my opinion there is nothing better than a tool that you use every time you craft and that can improve your accuracy!

I am obsessed with just about everything Concord and 9th does, but turnabout stamps are my absolute favourite! (Misti stamping tool required!) This kit gives you everything you need to start using turnabouts accurately!

Look what Justine made...
Essentials by Ellen Mondo Gerbera Daisy cards by Justine Hovey


See more of Justine's beautiful projects on her blog, Justine Hovey, and look for more of her fantastic cards on the Ellen Hutson blog & YouTube channel!