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Meet The Maker - Hero Arts

As part of our United We Flourish campaign, we want to foster growth of this amazing crafty community by making connections. We are better together! Each month we are thrilled to introduce you to some of our favorite brands and the amazing makers behind them!

This month we are so happy to offer mondo congratulations to our friends at Hero Arts on their amazing 45th anniversary! The name Hero Arts has always stood for innovation and integrity. The kindness and caring spirit that they share with all of us in this industry is heart-warming!

We are so happy for them, so proud to be their friend and so excited for the next 45! Today Aaron from Hero Arts is sharing a little bit more about what makes Hero Arts such a special company...

I'm very proud and honored to be a part of this exciting, inspiring and creative industry. Hero Arts has been family-run since our inception in 1974, and if anything, we feel like that is one of the most enduring parts of our company: our customers, our suppliers, our partners, including Ellen Hutson, are like family, and that connection has driven how we make products, how we run our company, and has inspired us to be creative every year.

Hero Arts donates 100% of net profits on select products to charity. The Hero Arts brand was founded on the ideas of integrity, innovation, and community. We express these beliefs in everything we do from our design and manufacturing to our customer service and marketing. We believe in the power of expression through creativity, and believe that sharing is a pathway to connecting with others through the thoughtfulness of a creative community.

Hero Arts is very proud of our green focus, which is a centerpiece of how we have run our company for decades and who we are. Hero Arts is a Certified Green Business and an award-winning sustainability leader. We have won awards in our city, county and state (the most prestigious award available). Here are some of the ways we focus on only the best quality stamping products while reducing our business impact on Mother Earth.

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