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Stamped Watercolor


Watercolor Stamps by Art Impressions are an easy and fun way to make watercolored cards and paintings - yes, with stamps! Color on them with Tombow markers, stamp, then add water!

Our artist friend Sandy Allnock has two great classes to show you techniques to use this exciting line of stamps to create beautiful works of art! There's one for beginners, Stamped Watercolor Jumpstart in which she'll show you how to apply the color, move it with water techniques, and make you proud to call yourself a painter! You'll make flower bouquets, gardens, landscapes and farms. if you're more experienced, you can jump into the intermediate Mini Course called Stamped Watercolor Scenes - and learn how to make parks, neighborhoods, and much more!

Supplies are detailed in each pre-class lesson on her site as well as the video HERE; the Tombow markers below are the ones Sandy uses in BOTH classes, as well as blocks, brushes, and Cold Press watercolor paper. As for the stamps, some are for each class so be sure to add the correct ones to your cart:

Stamped Watercolor Jumpstart: Flower set, Foliage set, Clay pot, Old barn set, Wooden gate, Containers.

Intermediate Stamped Watercolor Scenes: Bench set, Flower set, Foliage set, Decorative jars, Tree set 1, Mini Cottages set, Branches set, Bird bath set, Bir trees set. Sandy uses the dogs in the "dog park" card, but alternatively fill the park with bunnies, cats, or the mixed animals from the Critter set....or just make it a lovely empty park!

If you need assistance with registration or have questions about the class please contact Sandy Allnock at this link. Have fun in class!

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