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Grid System View vs. Product Detail View


We have discovered an inconsistency between the grid view and the product detail view - this is caused by our filter system. Our developers hope to have a new filter system in place sometime in December but until the new system is in place we want to share this important piece of information with you in hopes that it will allow you to make your purchases more easily. 

When we first developed the site we had many requests to include the "Add to Cart" and "Out of Stock" notifications to the 3-tile/grid page. At that time we didn't realize that this could create a problem. This grid page currently can only update twice a day - SO the stock information on the 3-tile/grid page may not always be accurate. 

HOWEVER, it will be accurate on the product description page. If you are shopping with us, select "ADD TO CART" and your browser just "spins" or you notice that the button does not change to "Added to Cart Checkout?" it is most likely because that item has sold out and is currently out of stock. To determine the stock status it is always best to click on the product description. Simply hover over the product name and when your mouse turns to a hand, click. This will take you to the product and you will be able to see if it truly is in stock.

There are times when the reverse happens as well. The grid page will state that the item is "Out of Stock" but you have received a notification stating it is back in stock. Once again it is the Grid Page information that has not had the opportunity to update. Simply click through on the product name and it will state whether it truly is Out of Stock or you will be able to "Add to Cart" from the Product Description page.

If you are having trouble please do not hesitate to contact us through our Contact Us form and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible to assist you.

We thank you for your patience as we have our developers work through this issue.